We understand the daily frustrations and challenges associated with utility bill tracking.

Let us set you free from the challenging burden of utility bill data entry. Bill CAPture is a sophisticated and tech-savvy service that converts your PDF, XLS, TXT, CSV, and/or EDI file formats, and even your paper bills, to a format that can be electronically imported into your EnergyCAP database.

Many EnergyCAP clients are automatically streaming data from tens of thousands of monthly utility bills into their energy management databases. From there, data is being shared with A/P systems, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager accounts, and monthly reporting streams. Many of these clients aren't lifting a finger to key a single utility bill!

How Bill CAPture Works

Bill CAPture meets your data entry, auditing, analysis, and reporting needs while saving you time and money and providing you with more time and resources to spend on your core business responsibilities.

If you host your EnergyCAP database, we transform your electronic or paper bills into a “Ready-to-Import” file that can be loaded into your energy database with a few simple steps. If we host your EnergyCAP database, we’ll import and audit the bills for you, reducing the risk posed by billing errors. We can even distribute custom reports automatically to organization stakeholders.

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